North4Tour / Northern Greece


28/9 – 02/10 2023


Let the magical surrounding of Northern Greece take you. From 28/9 to 02/10 we will offer you the best the North of Greece has to offer.

The North4Tour cycling event brings you to the most beautiful and probably least known cycling destination in Europe, Northern Greece. 

In three days of cycling, you’ll see multiple countries in one day. Discover the beauty of the Prespa Lake, Nympheo and we’ll take you down into a lignite mine. You’ll see the transition between old and new. Respect for the history, eyes on the future. 


Kastoria – Florina


Thursday 28/9 – arrival and dinner in Kastoria
Friday 29/9 – stage 1 – Four countries in one day – National Reconciliation Park
Saturday 30/10 – Stage 2: to the borders at the beautiful Prespa Lake
Sunday 01/10 – Stage 3: Up to the town of Nymfeo for the final stage and the after party
Monday 02/10 – Optional extra day or travel home


In the below video you’ll find an impression of the region and all highlights you will encounter during our North4Tour event. We are impressed by the region. Are you in? 

It’s an awesome experience co-created with our friends from Joysters

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The Kastoria Area in Overview

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